CodeIgniter Skeleton

Welcome to Codeigniter Skeleton, a whole new starter-kit that gives you a huge head start when building applications using CodeIgniter.

What is it?

It is simply a fresh Codeigniter installation with tons of new features and addons that you may use to build your future applications.

It has a HMVC structure where modules can be located at three locations: Inside the skeleton forlder. Inside the application folder. * Inside the content/modules/ and this allows modules to have their own assets enqueued.

It comes with a built-in database structre, few tables instead of lots of tables. Nine (9) of these tables are required and only one is not, sessions table. Few tables, yes! But they allow to create any type of web applications you want. Whether you want to create a Content Management System, a Social Network, a Business Website, a Q&A site, an e-commerce website or anything you want, these tables are more than enough. Note that the only limit here is your imagination, make it work dude :D !

What to do next?

Well, the first thing you should do -to my knowledge- is to check how to install this tool. Head to the installation page to see how to do it. Once done with the installation, you may want to read more about how this project is structred, what files and libraries are included, and of course, how to contribute to making this project as big as the hearts of developers who love sharing.