I have been asked this question a lot:

How is it possible to develop all kind of website with only 9 tables?

I am going to discuss few ideas here. If you cannot find yours here, simply head to our Facebook Group, tell us what it is and once we find a good logic, we will reply to you there and add your idea here.

Social Network

To develop a social network, develop your desired modules the way you want, then, let's talk about some possible features.
To start, it is obvious that:

  • Users are stored in entities and users tables.
  • Groups or Pages are stored in entities and groups tables.
  • Posts (no matter what type) are stored in entities and objects tables.

No the fun part, features.

Like System
Likes can be stored in the relations table where guid_from holds the user who likes, guid_to hold the post, page or any likable thing on the application.

Friend Requests
Friend requests can be stored, as well, in relations table (let's ignore IDs, we already talked about them), where relation field holds the type of relation. Example:

  • friend_request: to say that the user sent a friend request.
  • request_accepted: whether to update the friend_request relation or create a new one, to tell that the receiver accepted the request.

Comments System
Comments are objects (entities + objects), if you checked the entities documentation, you may have noticed the parent_id and owner_id fields, right? What do you?

  • owner_id: holds the owner of the comment/post/thread.
  • parent_id: Under which post/comment/tread this comment is listed.

Messaging System
The same as posts and comments, messages are objects, of course with owner_id (the sender) and the parent_id (the receiver) ... If you wish you organize them under conversations, you may create a new group of subtype conversation under which you gather all messages (objects). Got it?
If the owner deletes the message, you may for example add a metadata named sender_deleted and set its value to TRUE, so messages with that metadata are not displayed to sender, and vice versa.

Profile Details
What do you thing metadata were created for? Use them :D.

Privacy System and Access level
Sometime you want post to appear to followers only, or friends, if you have checked, again, entities documentation, you have probably noticed the privacy column, right? Use it :smile: (to known more about it, head to entities documentation > Table Structure > privacy).

Account History
Didn't you notice the activities table and its library? Do I have to explain? :smile:

Satisfied? Not yet!!! What else? Just tell me about it and I will add it.


What's needed on an e-commerce application?

  • Products list (objects).
  • Products categories (groups) and their details and settings (metadata).
  • Clients (users) and their details (metadata).
  • Shopping Carts (variables or metadata). by I prefer variables because as I said, they are temporary data, by you can use metadata if you which to keep them. OR better, use variables, when a shopping cart is concluded, transfer it to metadata.

A products may have:

  • price (metadata);
  • images (related objects);
  • categories (related groups);
  • orders count (metadata);
  • stock quantity (metadata);

Satisfied? Not yet!!! What else? Just tell me about it and I will add it.

Content Management System

What does a CMS needs?

  • Categories (groups).
  • Posts and Pages (objects).
  • Posts to Categories relations (relations).

All of these may have custom fields (think of WordPress). You may simply store them in metadata if they are permanent, of variables if you wish to delete them after a while.

The cool feature on WordPress is that it creates revisions when editing posts, right? Why not duplicate the current post and set it as "revision" ... I let you use your imagination.

Satisfied? Not yet!!! What else? Just tell me about it and I will add it.

Q&A Website

What does it need?

  • Categories (groups) and their details (metadata).
  • Questions (objects) and their answers (objects).
  • Users (users) and their points (metadata).

What else?

Satisfied? Not yet!!! What else? Just tell me about it and I will add it.