Custom Libraries

Several libraries were added to ensure the application stays on the flow.


This file was created in order to add some useful stuff to CodeIgniter form validation library. Here are few filters you may use:

  • alpha_extra: Allow alpha-numeric characters with periods, underscores, spaces and dashes.
  • unique_username: it is used to check username uniqueness.
  • unique_email: it is used to check email addresses uniqueness.
  • user_exists: checks if the user exists in database.
  • check_credentials: check user's credentials on login page.
  • current_password: checks the current user's password.

Default behavior of the filters listed below was changed in order to use parameters stored in configuration. See the example after them.

  • min_length, max_length and exact_length.
  • greater_than, greater_than_equal_to, less_than and less_than_equal_to
// Let's suppose we set in a config file usernames min and max length to 5-32
$config['username_min'] = 5;
$config['username_max'] = 32;

// We usually do:
$this->form_validation->set_rules('username', 'Username', 'min_length[5]|max_length[32]');

// With this modified, you can do:
$this->form_validation->set_rules('username', 'Username', 'min_length[username_min|max_length[username_max]');


The table library is still the same, nothing that may mess Codeigniter was added.

We have added the table.php configuration file that you can edit to suit your needs, and we have added the table_tag filter that plugins, themes or any part if your application may use to alter these settings.

We have added few tags to the table:

  • tfoot_open and tfoot_close that creates table footer opening and closing tags: <tfoot> and </tfoot>.
  • footer_row_start and footer_row_end: by default they are <tr> and </tr>.
  • footer_cell_start and footer_cell_end: by default they are <td> and </td>.

If you build a plugin or theme that needs table tags to be changed, proceed like so:

// It takes an array as argument.
add_filter('table_tags', function($tags) {
    // Edit them the way you want. Example:
    $args['table_open'] = '<table class="table table-hover">';

    // Then make sure to ALWAYS return the array.
    return $tags;


There is nothing we can about this, it is only used to hash and check passwords. It is better if you use the provided custom library Hash.php.


This library helps convert between various formats such us XML, JSON, JSON ...


Hashes, encrypts/decrypts strings and generates random strings.


This is the file behind our custom WordPress-like hooks system (Wiki).


Provides enhanced routing capabilities to CodeIgniter.


This is the magical library that allow you to make create amazing app-independent themes.